Hey, I am Sibylle

And I help you to get to the next level in your life! 

In today’s world a big emphasis lies on trying to follow someone else’s path to confidence, self-love and true happiness. It becomes increasingly difficult to find out what YOU actually want and quite frankly – nobody really tells you how you can find the answers in life for yourself!

I’ve been there and done that until I got fed up of living other people’s limitations and fears. I am here to help you take matters in your own hands and turn your focus inwards in order to find your own answers, live in tune with yourself and get sh*t done!

Say good bye to endless workshop hunting, book reading and guru searching in order to understand yourself and live the way you want!

Are you ready to look into the mirror and fully accept yourself with no if’s and but’s?

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Unleash your urban goddess!

My signature one day retreat helping you find balance in urban goddess style

Cacao ceremonies


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