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 Hello gorgeous 
I’m Sibylle



All of my work is based on giving you the space and time to find out who you really are, what you want out of life and how to go for it – even in those moments when sh*t hits the fan! 

In today’s world a big emphasis lies on trying to follow someone else’s path to confidence, self-love and true happiness. It becomes increasingly difficult to find out what YOU actually want and need because we are lured into believing that we have to be a certain way or reach a certain stage in order to feel a certain way – utter bullocks! 

Together we will find out more about those skeletons in the closet – a.k.a. shadow sides – or unique healing opportunities how I’d like to call them and find a way to consciously integrate them into your life with a big dose of compassion,  whether this is through individual confidence coaching, cacao ceremonies or yoga! 


This ceremony creates an opportunity for you to sit with and digest what’s happening in your life right now and get blissed out at the same time….
Confidence Coaching

Would you like to be totally confident in making the right decisions in your life and create an abundance on all levels? If the answer is yes then read on…