Unleash your Urban Goddess Retreats


She, who knows herself inside out and is able to make conscious decisions.

Who knows her self-worth and doesn’t need to accept anything other than what she deserves.

Who eminates her unique energy and strengths into the world attracting amazing circumstances in her life.

Who does 100 things at the same time but knows when to take a step back and breathe.

Who makes mistakes, learns from them and moves on swiftly without getting caught up in the drama.



Your London Day Retreat

on Sunday, 30th June 2019 from 10am – 6pm


How your conscious & subconscious mind, heart and body work under constant stress and how to create harmony

How to draw your focus inwards and unleash your urban goddess

Simple tools to implement when sh*t hits the fan (spoiler alert: it always will)

Essentials to cultivate peace with grace and ease even if you want to punch someone really hard

Food for thought with regards to boundaries, personal development and life in general


A curiousity to find out more about how your external reality may be a mirror of your internal world and how to adjust this


An open heart and mind to look at your life from a different angle

Willingness to take responsibility for your life

From a logistical point, your journal, a pen and warm socks and a big jumper if you feel cold easily

A desire to dive into your heart, head first (not quite literal of course)


Gradually releasing any ‘victim’ and/or ‘drama’ mentality prioritising your desires and creating balance and the life you’ve always dreamed of

Softening around the edges and gracefully mastering busy days


Strong connection with your body and understanding its’ needs

Expressing more of your feminine aspects


Setting healthy boundaries


Hi, I am Sibylle and I love living in the concrete jungle! For many years my life in a big city challenged me to the point of exhaustion. I was constantly running around like a Duracell bunny thinking that’s life. I hardly questioned my lifestyle and spent most of my free time and money trying to rest and recover from my Monday – Friday hustle.

Deep down I knew something was off and I kept thinking that it must be the hustle and bustle that makes me sad and sick. So I kept chasing retreats, workshops, teacher trainings and long periods of living in totally different cultures in an attempt to be happy. And whilst I was doing all this I was totally in tune with myself and happy. Logically life becomes easier when you don’t work and don’t have to worry about food on your plate.

But something kept pulling me back into an urban environment and a few years ago I finally understood something. For me personally it wasn’t about escaping my life here in London whenever I could – it was much more about integrating all of the teachings to make my life as awesome as possible. Right here, right now. In the middle of rush hour. Surrounded by polarities, different cultures and various situations or people triggering me. It was about getting to know myself so well that I could consciously make choices in life instead of blindly following everyone else.

I knew I needed to make a change and so I set off on my quest to finding true happiness. And I tried a lot of different things. Yoga, meditation, healing, various religious studies, breathing, more yoga, retreats, plant medicine, more workshops and more yoga….. the list goes on and many of the teachings were very, very abstract. They sounded amazing but not really applicable in a normal life living in a big, expensive city without having 6 hours a day to spare for various morning, lunch time and evening practices. Or it feeling like a military drill with loads of to do lists. 

So I intuitively created my own rhythm and adjusted various tools until I have found my sweet spot. The result is a mix of shamanic and yogic practices, shadow work and deep dives into my heart, intuition and inner wisdom. All practices point back to the innate knowing inside of my, my cells and body and today I thrive. I love. I laugh. And I grow, every day again.  


Your life could change in...








Count me in for the 30th June!
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You don’t have to do everything by yourself – we are all in this together.

I will create and hold the space for you to have a time out for your body, mind & spirit where you will get the necessary tools to implement little changes with big outcomes.

You will get a vegetarian meal for you from my favourite plant based chef Bettina (from Bettina’s Kitchen) and dessert will be the most delicious chocolate brownie you will ever taste (YES I am extremely passionate about great food and collaborations with other kick-a** women). There will be hot and cold drinks available throughout the day and my home is a true oasis of calmness making it easy for you to be in the here and now. 

And because I really care for your well-being I am also throwing in a freebie! Let’s have a 30 minute chat around 3-4 weeks after the retreat to check in on your progress and any questions you may have.

So if you feel overwhelmed, a little lost, disconnected from your heart and body and want to find new ways of living in a blissful state of balance then you know what to do on the 30th June! 

Count me in for the 30th June!
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If you have any questions about this retreat please get in touch!

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