Balancing Root Chakra Cacao Ceremony

Saturday, 23rd February 2019

Reclaim your birthright to be uniquely YOU!

A balanced root chakra is the key to being 100% yourself and feeling safe and secure in your own skin. It fuels you with the crucial energy of survival. During the developmental stages in your mother’s womb up to 1 year of age you fully depend on your mother and slowly learn how to do things on our own. In an ideal world when all your needs are met (security, nourishment and love) your nervous system calms down and you feel grounded and safe and able to trust.  Yet many of us battle a constant fear in life.

In this cacao ceremony we will dive deep to uncover the reasons for an unbalanced root chakra and send you off on the healing journey. With the loving help of the plant medicine cacao you will:

⃟ ⃟  Get deep insights about the root of your fears

⃟ ⃟  Deepen your connection to your intuition and heart

⃟ ⃟  Learn how to surrender and trust yourself

⃟ ⃟  Feel comfortable and grounded in your body  

⃟ ⃟  Find out more about outdated belief systems

⃟ ⃟  Release stuck emotions

Once you reclaimed your safety within you, you will be able to react consciously to challenges that life throws at you. It will be easier to deal with ebbs and flows of life because you created a new understanding about yourself!

Cacao has been used as plant medicine and in ceremony in order to commune with ‘god’ for thousands of years. It works directly with the heart and allows you to remove blockages, heal wounds and clear old energy you no longer need. It will also leave you feeling blissful and happy due to its many health benefits including the release of seratonine, dopamine and anandamite.

So if you currently have the feeling that you:

⃟ ⃟  Feel unhappy even though your life seems to be going ok..

⃟ ⃟  See everything black and white..

⃟ ⃟  Feel stuck in life..

⃟ ⃟  Live in fear..

⃟ ⃟  Hang on to material things and relationships in order to make you feel alive..

⃟ ⃟  Lack the discipline to follow through with your plans..


Then please allow yourself to take the first step towards balancing your root chakra and secure your spot!

The cacao I use comes directly from the Asháninka tribe (Peru). It is ceremonial grade cacao made with dedication and care for the purpose of ceremonies to open our hearts. It’s organic, raw and GMO-free.

Details of the ceremony:

Date:            Saturday, 23rd February 2019

Time:           2.30pm – 5.30pm

Location:    Zen Yoga London

                    24A Camberwell Grove, Camberwell, London SE5 8RE



GBP35 – Early bird (until 2nd February)
GBP40 – Full price (after 3rd February) 

Cancellation policy:

Your ticket is non-refundable but you can gift it on to another person who can come to the same ceremony instead.

What to bring:

  • Your favourite cup to drink the cacao out of
  • Journal & pen so you can write down your experience
  • Set your intention and what you would like to manifest, release and bring into your life

You can email me at any time if you have questions: