get a cup of tea and read on

 Hey gorgeous!
I am Sibylle

and I live an abundant life mostly outside my comfort zone with a generous portion of challenges inflicted by myself!   

how, you ask?

Because when sh*it hit the fan, for the gazillionth time and the really big, powerful Dyson kinda fan, I knew the only way out was to finally be myself with all of my facets, colours and rough edges – and I had to be me around everybody – unapologetically, authentically and truthfully.

Until then I had been living that authentic way to certain groups of individuals (hello my yoga and shamanic ladies – I LOVE you!) and hid all the woo-woo things from the rest of my surroundings out of fear of judgement. About 70% of my friends, family and work colleagues think all that new-age-spiritual seeking-around the fire dancing-sage smudging-yoga ‘stuff’ is nonsense. Whopsie!

intuition and shadow work

… are the two pillars of my foundation of being uniquely me. Ever since I was little I acted upon my intuition – and was judged, singled out and laughed at by my surroundings mostly. So much that I tried to fit in. I silenced my intuition and reasoned my decisions with pro and con lists. I stopped looking at my shadows and made everyone else responsible. I had a ‘who gives a f*ck’ attitude and didn’t care about my actions. And with all that I overlooked all the subtle nudges and hints that would lead me back to ‘me’. Well, my guardian angels had to drop the hammer because of my stubbornness (hey I am half latina, it’s not my fault!).  And life led me back to Germany, after 16 wonderful years of living abroad. To cut a long story short – I went into depression, forgot even more who I am and eventually turned so unhappy that I knew I had to find a way out.  I found my way – rocky, with a few detours and lots of WTF moments, but nevertheless the best way I’ve ever lived and you can do it too!!  

Fun facts about me…

I travel A LOT

and when I say that I mean that! During the last 18 years I learnt 3 languages, dived with whalesharks and manta rays, worked with cheetahs, swam in Anaconda infested lakes, learnt Brazilian, african and caribbean dances and dived head first into different cultures and ways of living.

I swear a lot

Too.. Because you can be high-minded and take indecent pleasure in using the full range of language to express yourself (don’t ever expect to hear me citing a saying that is worded correctly though – I tend to mix 2 sayings together so it makes no sense at all. Apart from ‘get your ducks in a row’. That one I remember!)

All things Caribbean

I spend a couple of months a year in the Caribbean and love good rum & curried anything as well as doubles. You will most probably also find me dancing on the streets at Trinidad carnival wearing incredibly feathery costumes!

I am a kitty foster mummy

Cats always played a big role in my life and I am a proud foster mum! It gives me great joy to see frightened, hurt or neglected cats warm up to humans again and find a forever home when they are ready.


Cacaoista Training - 2018

After participating in cacao ceremonies led by Rebekah Shaman (London) since 2013 I decided to train in becoming a cacaoista. The training focused on the connection to the plant medicine cacao, a deep dive into our own shadows, the healing and how to hold space for others. 

Coaching Qualification - 2015

I trained with the ‘Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. The approach is to coach individuals to make heart-based decisions in life and live life to the fullest by being present.  

Yoga - 2014 til present

I am a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. I continue diving deep into the teachings of yoga with my beloved yoga studio ‘Laughing Lotus Yoga’ with a keen focus on bhakti (devotional chanting), sequencing and subtle energies.  

Sacred Co-Heart programme with Anodea Judith - 2014 til present

In this programme we focus on studying the chakra system so we can heal ourselves and help others heal from the inside out.    

‘Wukkout!®‘ Instructor Certification - 2017

Wukkout! is a caribbean dance fitness class to the sounds of soca and chutney.    

I truly believe that true confidence comes from accepting and embracing yourself the way you are, trusting your intuition, and encourage yourself to love every moment of being your unique, radiant, strong, feminine self.

Sibylle Koelbl