Cacao and Constellations


Saturday, 2nd November from 12pm – 6pm


Zen Yoga, 24A Camberwell Grove, Camberwell, London SE5 8RE



The Ceremony

I hold my ceremonies in a traditional shamanic way with added sparkle magic and ease. We all create individual intentions and then drink the medicine. Using shamanic journeying I will guide you into a meditative state where it will be possible to really turn inwards for guidance and healing.  Once we finished our journey we share our ‘nuggets of wisdom’ and close the circle again.

100% Ceremonial Cacao

I use 100% ceremonial grade cacao – raw, organic & non-GMO. 

It comes from the Asháninka tribes who live in the rain forests of central Peru.

From tree to cup, ceremonial cacao is cultivated with intention, and in alignment with the Cacao Spirit. This means the lands, the farmers, the process, and the finished cacao are treated with compassion, love and respect.

Your cacaoista Sibylle

Totally and utterly in love with the power of cacao!

I love holding ceremonies and providing the space for YOU to drop deep and reconnect with your heart and intuition.

I am fortunate enough to have studied with many teachers with a yogic, shamanic and psychological background. My ceremonies reflect all my learnings over the last 15 years! Got a question? Get in touch…


A day retreat designed to illuminate your personal challenges and initiate your healing journey beyond the physical and emotional.

We will take you on a journey of self-discovery and guide you to dive deep into your personal relationship with money, love, success and life itself. Your most influential relationship is the one you have with yourself, your parents and your ancestors.

In an ideal world you will have a strong bonds that nurture and support you. This is the meaning of true success. For many, life is often less than ideal and you encounter challenges along the way. Misunderstandings, long-held grudges and hurt limit your potential and keep you in a ‘comfort zone’ dictated by your the perspective of your beliefs, subconscious patterns and fears. Moving on and releasing the past seems impossible.

In this one day workshop you will lay the foundation to fully step into your power and:

– Uncover and understand how and why you shape your experiences the way you do and create new pathways.

– Learn how to access your subconscious patterns of behaviour, shift outmoded patterns of thought and connect to your super – conscious mind.

– Move out of your stuck-ness into the field of potential and possibilities in life

– Hone your creative skills to begin the process of inviting change into your life

As you step into your own power you will not only heal yourself but also support the wider field to which you belong, of family, friends, work colleagues and clients.


About Systematic Constellations:

In the last couple of decades Systemic Constellations has gained popularity as an alternative approach to therapy. For many it is seen as a powerful and effective way to address relationship centred challenges. Much of its popularity is in part due to the brief nature of the therapy and its unique capacity to resolve challenges in which others are involved, without the need for them to be present.

As humans we all have a deep need to belong, to feel significant and to find our right place within our family system. Systemic Constellations provides the support necessary to achieve this sense of significance and belonging. The depth of clarity and insight often surprises those who participate in a process that brings peaceful solutions to seemingly intractable relationship dynamics and issues.

Life Therapy

Cacao and Constellations 2nd Nov
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Cacao, the heart opener

Cacao has been used as plant medicine and in ceremony in order to commune with ‘god’ for thousands of years. It works directly with the heart and allows you to remove blockages, heal wounds and clear old energy you no longer need. It will also leave you feeling blissful and happy due to its many health benefits including the release of seratonine, dopamine and anandamite.

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