Balancing Crown Chakra Cacao Ceremony


Saturday, 21st September from 2.30pm – 5.30pm




Zen Yoga, 24A Camberwell Grove, Camberwell, London SE5 8RE




Connect with the DIVINE within you

The Ceremony

I hold my ceremonies in a traditional shamanic way with added sparkle magic and ease. We all create individual intentions and then drink the medicine. Using shamanic journeying I will guide you into a meditative state where it will be possible to really turn inwards for guidance and healing.  Once we finished our journey we share our ‘nuggets of wisdom’ and close the circle again.

100% Ceremonial Cacao

I use 100% ceremonial grade cacao – raw, organic & non-GMO. 

It comes from the Asháninka tribes who live in the rain forests of central Peru.

From tree to cup, ceremonial cacao is cultivated with intention, and in alignment with the Cacao Spirit. This means the lands, the farmers, the process, and the finished cacao are treated with compassion, love and respect.

Your cacaoista Sibylle

Totally and utterly in love with the power of cacao!

I love holding ceremonies and providing the space for YOU to drop deep and reconnect with your heart and intuition.

I am fortunate enough to have studied with many teachers with a yogic, shamanic and psychological background. My ceremonies reflect all my learnings over the last 15 years! Got a question? Get in touch…


Wow what a journey we’ve been on! Going through all the chakras you had the opportunity to focus on each one. You were able to:

Create your foundation and safe space

Understand your emotions

Fire up from the inside out

Fuel up on your self-love 

Communicate from your heart

Focus on your real ‘self’

And now we’ll reach the Crown – the connection to the beyond. The place of stillness that holds all the answers to your questions. Always available to you, anytime and anywhere. 

When energy travels up and down your chakras freely you will be able to see and feel the divine within you and everywhere around you.

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs and you will find it easy to observe yourself and become aware of your personal pitfalls and obstacle. Though fully aware of all the power you can harness within yourself you create your personal reality.

Do you want to live life according to your own wishes, beliefs and divine nature? Then secure your spot now! This will be my last ceremony for a couple of months whilst I will be travelling a little bit! 

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What They Say

Rabea, creative copy writer for coaches

Sib’s very accepting, calm and encouraging way of leading us through the ceremony stirred a new side of me I hadn’t been in touch with before. While the ceremony centered around love, care and being connected to each other, I discovered clarity, strength and a new power to say NO to things that no longer benefit me. I didn’t know that this seemingly small event would be the start of a long transformation for me.

Months later, I often think back to the ceremony and draw on the strength and ways of thinking I connected with there. A lot changed in my life after the ceremony and I can’t even express my gratitude, but I keep trying anyway!

Shary, physiotherapist for hikers

When I first heard about the cacao ceremony I had no idea what it is about and I was super skeptic. But there was this inner feeling that I had to go so I decided to join. 

The skeptic inside me got quiet and after drinking the cup, Sibylle led us through a meditation in a very warm and caring way. The journey took me to my inner self and I was surprised how easy it was to let go of everything else. After the ceremony we sat in a circle and shared our experiences with the other participants and funnily enough some had an amazing experience too. I would definitely join another ceremony because I came in contact with my inner self and met amazing women at the ceremony.”

Monika Ananda – facilitator für tanz , bodywork & stimme

Die Cacao-Zeremonie mit Dir war für mich eine herzöffnende Erfahrung! Ich hatte
keinerlei Erwartungen oder Vorstellungen – und die Art (= Kunst), wie Du das
profane Leben mit Wasserkocher & Co mit „Spirit – leben“ aus dem Herzen
miteinander verbindest, ist so menschlich und so weise, dass es einfach nur
schön ist. Danke für das schlichte und wahrhaftige Sharing miteinander.. das tut
so gut!
Last but not least: die Cacao-Göttin ist soo fühlbar in Dir! In Deinem Guide- Sein
habe ich mich in sicheren Händen aufgehoben gefühlt.
Pragmatische Mystik, die das Herz öffnet… und immer ist Zeit für ein Lachen und
eine Umarmung. Simply love it!


Cacao, the heart opener

Cacao has been used as plant medicine and in ceremony in order to commune with ‘god’ for thousands of years. It works directly with the heart and allows you to remove blockages, heal wounds and clear old energy you no longer need. It will also leave you feeling blissful and happy due to its many health benefits including the release of seratonine, dopamine and anandamite.

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