About me…. 

Well hello there –  I am Sibylle a.k.a. Sib a.k.a. Bibi. It’s great to have you over here where the dirty beans are being spilt and I am excited to share a little more about me 🙂

 What I believe in…

Wholy fuck – this is some deep stuff here so let’s go for it! I believe that we all ought to be uniquely us. As imperfect as I may be, as crazy as I may seem, as many challenges life may throw my way. Every morning I get up and consciously choose to live my life according to who I really am. I believe that true confidence comes from accepting and embracing yourself the way you are, keeping a learner’s mind and knowing your worth – and I don’t mean that in a cocky kinda way! 

 My rebellish side.

.Since childhood I had the urge to question everything, believe very little and speak the truth – and always be that girl who is, well, erm, a little different. 

 I have a very hard time accepting superficial and egotistical ways of living these days. In the end we are all human beings trying to make the best of our lives and together things become much easier. 

 I swear a lot (you couldn’t tell right?), enjoy good rum, dancing on the roads at carnival and I have lots of fun doing that 🙂 

 I travel A LOT – and when I say that I mean that! So far I have lived abroad for 16 years. During that time I learnt 3 languages, went to innumerous gorgeous beaches, dived with whalesharks and manta rays, worked with cheetahs, swam in Anaconda infested lakes, learnt Brazilian, african and caribbean dances and dived head first into different cultures and ways of living. Currently I have my base set up in Berlin, Germany.

 Professional background:

– 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher training – 2014

– Continued Yoga Teacher trainings with ‘Laughing Lotus Yoga’ with a keen focus on bhakti, sequencing and subtle energies – ongoing since 2015 

– Part of the Sacred Centre Co-Heart programme with Anodea Judith – ongoing since 2014

– Coaching qualification from the ‘Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy’ – 2015

– ‘Wukkout!®‘ Instructor Certification – 2017