I am here to help you find your own personal way of UNIQUELY BEING YOU and live your own personal version of a bold life. Together we will create a solid foundation that will help you move forward gracefully when things are hard and shit hits the fan and guide you through all the stumbles and victories of your own authentic life!  

Let’s be honest for a minute – life can suck sometimes. Most of us have a pretty nice life in that we don’t live in a country where we have to fear for our lifes, are missing medical care or have no food in the cupboard. Yet something seems to be missing and you can’t quite point your finger at it. You are familiar with the whole ‘self-care’ and ‘self-love’ stuff you read about but you always push it back for when you finally have time for that again and again. After all life is too busy as it is anyway and the day only has 24 hours. On the other hand you do feel stuck. You keep on muddling over the same shoulda, coulda and woulda’s and somehow don’t know how to move on. And there it is – that moment when you get annoyed with yourself. And you keep beating yourself up for not being able to get your ducks in a row like your co-workers, friends or family. Sounds familiar???  I’ve realised that there are two scenaries that are all-too-familiar to most of us and have something very crucial in common (more on that later):

  1. When the sun shines bright all is easy and you are totally in your power leading the way. But when something triggers you or ‘happens to you’ (and this could be anything from a car break-down to an fight with your best friend or the 10th tantrum of your kid that day) you find yourself in a downward spiral that just doesn’t seem to stop ever again
  2. Your life is OK-ish, uneventful and cooking away on low heat whilst all the juiciness evaporates into somewhere else, but certainly not your life

Nothing in life will change though unless YOU start changing things up. The same way a bike won’t move until you hit the pedals or a car won’t move unless you step on accelerator. It’s totally up to you to venture out of your comfort zone, extend beyond and really reach for the things you want to achieve in life and! This is the process of learning to be a 100% you – wholeheartedly and unapologetically and I am with you on this journey 🙂



In the last 18 years I have wholeheartedly thrown myself into living in different countries, learning the languages spoken and have become a master in going for new things. I learned to When you are somewhere new it’s always safer to fit in than stand out. I was always very adventurous and outspoken but I also wanted to be taken serious. And the more people made fun of my accent, the way I dressed or just simply my sense of humour the more I fitted in. So year by year, bit by bit, I denied a little more of my curious, truthful and sparkly nature and camouflaged my way around life, always adapting without ever having to go to deep into anything. I spent a fair amount of time in workshops, teacher trainings and all things spiritual to balance out the fact that I wasn’t really myself but never had the time to put things into practice – because you know, life and all.. No time! And then life hit. And it hit me hard!   Moving back to my home country Germany after having lived abroad for 16 years was like hell descending onto earth overnight. Here I was – living in the very country I couldn’t wait to leave since I was a teenager. It became blatently obvious that fitting in wasn’t an option anymore since this was my birth country, the place where I was brought up, which customs are all familiar and where I should really feel at home. And I didn’t. All familiar patterns and excuses just didn’t have any effect and despair had a firm grip on my life. So much that even my parents begged me to move back to London where I had been much happier. But here is the thing:    Inevitably there is a time in everybody’s life when we need to outgrow our excuses and start creating a new reality. Period.     I didn’t want to accept anymore shitty excuses I gave myself for staying in the same old same old and there was no way to stay where I was. I had to move forward. . . So I started very slowly, koala-like slow – and for those who’ve seen a koala bear up in the trees you know they are VERY SLOW! I decided to really find my way and lasting changes in my own life happened when I stopped fighting it all, allowing me to feel into my own heart and spirit, truly believing that change was possible, and begin. And fail. And begin again. Because that’s how we grow into ourselves.   So these days when shit hits the fan there might still be a moment of wobble but what follows is a big smile reminding myself that I am well equipped to take the next step forward. As little as it may seem.  

It is my passion to bring a little fun into this process and share lightheartedness with others. Whether it’s through caribbean dance (Wukkout!), yoga, or confidence coaching, my approach is holistic – and very down to earth. Because when we can bring mind, body and spirit together, and create support for that positive change to continue, that connection and centeredness affects every cell of our bodies.


I believe that true confidence comes from accepting and embracing yourself the way you are, keeping a learner’s mind, and encourage yourself to love every moment of being your unique, radiant, strong, feminine self. Sign up to my newsletter